Attorney Steven Day began his litigation career in 1988, when he passed the bar exam and officially became a lawyer. Twenty-five years later, his practice is flourishing. Las Vegas and Henderson area residents seek his counsel in droves after motorcycle and automobile accidents, dog bites, workplace injuries, slip & fall accidents, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice suits, and other traumas.


Day is motivated by a strong drive to seek justice on behalf of citizens who would otherwise be powerless against big insurance companies and other faceless corporate entities with teams of lawyers at their disposal. He walked away from a profitable career as a stockbroker in order to attend law school and start a new chapter in his life, one inspired by a desire to help others.

Day understands that big companies often use confusing legalese in their paperwork and policies in order to disempower and frustrate “the little guy.” He explains the legalese to his clients in a clear and easily understandable way, and then guides them through the process of creating a plan of action to file a lawsuit or claim. Once this plan of attack is implemented, he is relentless in his aim to win for his clients the maximum compensation allowed by law.

Day’s educational background is extensive. He holds a Juris Doctorate (1988) and a Masters of Business Administration (1981), a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing (1980), all from the University of Utah. He is a member of the Clark County Bar Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association, Nevada Trial Lawyers Association and the Nevada State Bar.

I'm eager to help you get every penny of the compensation you deserve and more, all while making the experience effortless and painless.

What he can do for you

  • Personal Injury Lawyer in Henderson, Nevada
    If you've been injured in an accident and are suffering physically and emotionally, you are unlikely to have the stamina and persistence (and intricate knowledge of insurance law) to force an unsympathetic insurance company to award you fair compensation. My job, as a Henderson personal injury lawyer for over 25 years, is to get in the ring and duke it out with the insurance companies, so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to afford your medical bills and other expenses. Find out here red flag statements from insurance companies that let you know it's time to call a personal injury lawyer.
  • Injured in an Automobile Accident, Now What?
    There are common mistakes people make after automobile accidents that result in their insurance claim being minimized or even denied. For example, did you know that your status updates on Facebook can harm your claim? If you ever hope to see compensation that actually covers all your expenses, educate yourself on what to do, and not to do, after an automobile accident.
  • How to Beat the Insurance Companies at Their Own Game
    A lot of the people I represent call me when their insurance company has them at their wit's end, either through endless stalling tactics, or through an unfairly denied claim. My job is to take over their claim, and start dealing with the insurance company myself, and believe me, I know exactly what to say and do to make them start cooperating and get you your check so you can heal after your accident and get on with your life.
  • Automobile Accidents in Las Vegas: Must Read Information
    If you've been in an auto accident that involves more than $1000 in treatment costs, you've missed time from work, or your injuries take more than a few days to heal, you are going to want a Las Vegas auto accident lawyer representing your claim. Find out here other scenarios when it is crucial to get an auto accident lawyer on your team, to ensure that your claim isn't minimized or denied by an unsympathetic insurance company (hint: this happens all the time).
  • Motorcycle Accident in Las Vegas, Getting The Compensation You Deserve
    Motorcycle accident victims, because they don't know the law, routinely leave million of dollars in insurance money uncollected. They try to negotiate with insurance companies on their own and end up settling for a much smaller check than they deserve. My job, as a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney, is to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Find out here what you need to know.
  • 8 Things You Should Never Do After a Car Accident
    An insurance company's job is to minimize the amount you are paid in compensation after an accident (don't let their slick marketing campaigns fool you). A car accident lawyer's job is maximize the amount you are paid in compensation. Find out when dealing with an insurance company is going to be a major uphill battle, and it's time to get a Las Vegas car accident lawyer working to make sure your claim is not denied, and you receive more than enough compensation to cover all your expenses.
  • In a Wreck, Need a Check!
    Insurance companies spend a lot of time and money convincing the public that they are looking out for your best interest and are there for you if you're injured in an auto accident. Let me tell you: this is far from the case. Find out here some common stalling tactics employed by insurance companies to get you to accept a smaller check than you deserve. Get informed so you know how to protect yourself, should your insurance company refuse to play fair with you.
  • Debt Harassment in Vegas: Are Collectors Making Your Life Miserable?
    Not only do you not have to tolerate harassment from a debt collector, with their endless phone calls and threats, but you can actually sue them (for free!) and get up to $1000 in compensation for your distress. Debt collectors want to put you in a state of panic and confusion, which is why they call day and night, but what you may not know is that they are prohibited by federal law from harassing you. Find out here what to do to protect yourself and make the harassment stop.
  • Animal & Dog Bites in Las Vegas: Have You Been Attacked?
    Dog bite victims end up in emergency rooms all the time, and hardly any of these people recoup any compensation for the cost of their treatment. Even when dog bite victims do file an insurance claim, they are shocked when heartless insurance companies refuse to pay their rehabilitative costs. Hiring a Las Vegas dog bite attorney can save you thousands of dollars and reduce your stress load immeasurably.
  • How to Help Your Case After a Brain Injury
    Recovery after a brain injury can take years, and can financially devastate victims and their families. In spite of this, insurance companies have reduced coverage of long term care for those impacted by brain injuries. Sometimes the only avenue for brain injury victims to ensure they receive the care they need, is to get a brain injury lawyer. My firm will consult with you for free and there is no fee unless your case is successful.
  • Birth Injury in Las Vegas: What You Need to Know
    If your child was harmed or even killed as a result of a birth injury, do not rule out the possibility of medical negligence. It is more common than you might think. We will investigate your case for free, even coming to your home or hospital bed, to help you determine if medical negligence is indeed at fault in your child's birth injury. Your child deserves the best possible treatment, and we will help you pursue the maximum compensation allowed by law.
  • Las Vegas Burn Injury Lawyer: Get The Compensation You Deserve
    Suffering from burn injuries is intense, and can involve long term care that is staggeringly expensive. Even treatment for second degree burns can cripple a burn injury victim financially. The good news is that the law offers protection for burn injury victims who were harmed as the result of someone else's negligence. Find out here how you can pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.
  • Wrongful Death Attorney in Henderson, Nevada
    Filing a wrongful death claim with an insurance company sends them into panic mode, because these types of claims often involve large financial awards to the victims. Insurance companies will fight aggressively to minimize the amount of payout, or to deny the claim altogether. Getting a wrongful death attorney to handle your claim is not just necessary, but crucial to ensure your family receives fair compensation after this tragedy, and will not be responsible for medical and funeral bills, which can be astronomical.


Attorney Steven Day has been helping people just like you for 25 years in the Las Vegas and Henderson area recover maximum compensation after accidents and injuries, so you can heal and move on with your life. His job is to ensure that the impact of the accident or injury is minimized as much as possible, so your family is not financially crippled by it. He helps you navigate the confusing and often frustrating world of compelling big insurance companies to compensate you fairly when you file a claim.

The Law Offices of Steven Day in Las Vegas, Nevada

His firm, Day & Nance, offers free consultations and no up front fees. They only receive compensation if your case is successful - and they pull every string to ensure that you win.

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